Board of Directors

Master Blaster

Master Blaster (Bear City Roller Derby)

Interim President

- Executive Director/Staff and Officials & Education Oversight

Master Blaster began roller derby as a fan of the sport and, upon moving to Europe in 2008, quickly became a passionate and active about its global development. Starting with the first European Roller Derby Organizational Conference (EROC) in 2009 to the present, she has been diligently promoting and pushing the education, training, and global structures of the sport. With the WFTDA and its values at the center of her efforts, Master Blaster is excited to step into the role of Interim President as the WFTDA enters its second generation.


F-Bomb (Rose City Rollers)

Vice President

- Marketing, Regulatory, and Inter-Organisation Development Oversight

F-Bomb has been volunteering for the WFTDA since 2008 as skater representative for her home league, the Rose City Rollers. Initially, she worked with the Tournaments Committee before moving into a long-term role within the WFTDA Grievance Committee, including three years as Grievance Chair. Most recently, she served as the Vetted Volunteer Manager for WFTDA for about one year. F-Bomb was elected as WFTDA board vice president in August 2016. She brings significant experience in non-profit board governance (and specifically for roller derby) after volunteering for seven years as the Rose City Rollers board vice president, from 2008 through the end of 2015.

She has been a member of the Rose City Rollers since 2007, having discovered her 'true calling' in derby soon after moving to the west coast from her home state of Florida. F-Bomb retired from her home team (and from skating) in 2011, but stayed involved as the team's line-ups coach for two more seasons.

In her professional life, F-Bomb has spent more than a decade helping others through her work, including social services case management and youth mentoring. She currently works as a disability benefits analyst for a medium-size company based in Portland, Oregon. Outside of work and roller derby, F-Bomb spends most of her free time with her spouse Keith and their very rambunctious 4-year old daughter (Baby Bomb), digging in her family's large urban garden, and planning camping trips all summer.


Deadeye (Bay Area Derby)

Second Vice President

- Officials & Education and Membership Oversight

Deadeye joins the WFTDA BoD after a decade of derby including skating for Ohio Roller Derby, officiating 250+ WFTDA sanctioned games, and powering WFTDA Tech for the last nine years. They have served as a skater representative for three leagues (Ohio Roller Derby, Silicon Valley Rollegirls, and Bay Area Derby). Some of their favorite highlights from their officiating include being awarded the first WFTDA NSO Level 5 Certification and working as the Tournament Head NSO for 2012 WFTDA Championship to close out the era of minor penalties.


Furrrocious (Amsterdam Roller Derby)

Interim Secretary

- Finance, Officials & Education, and Membership Oversight

Jennifer “Furrrocious” Zoë De Vaal has been a member of Amsterdam Roller Derby since January 2010. She became their WFTDA league representative in 2013 when Amsterdam first joined the WFTDA Apprentice Program. After Amsterdam graduated to full membership, Furrrocious independently joined the Apprentice Program as an AP area coordinator, where she focused on using her experience to coach and help leagues graduate their apprenticeship.

Though Furrrocious is still fairly new to the WFTDA, she’s a natural fit in leadership positions, having been president of Amsterdam Roller Derby for several years and having successfully headed multiple committees within the league. She has also been active in the programming sub-committee.

On the track, Furrrocious is currently skating with Amsterdam’s competitive All Star team. She coached their B-team for four years and participated in the second Roller Derby World Cup in 2014 as co-captain of Team Netherlands.

Furrrocious is the first non-North American member of the WFTDA’s Board of Directors. She is also currently the only member of the BoD who belongs to a D3 league. With this background, Furrrocious brings a unique perspective to the board.

Outside of roller derby, Furrocious’ career is in social work. She currently works as a manager within youth work in addition to a change manager within social work.

(Furrrocious is sinds eind 2013, dat Amsterdam Roller Derby lid is geworden van de WFTDA apprentice programma, de skater rep voor de vereniging. Na dat Amsterdam volledige WFTDA leden zijn geworden heeft Furrrocious zich aangesloten bij het AP programma als een AP area coordinator. En heeft ze zich gericht op het coachen en helpen van andere apprentice verenigingen.

Daarnaast is Furrrocious actief geweest binnen de programmering sub-committee. Ondanks dat Furrrocious nog redelijk nieuw is binnen de WFTDA, is ze niet onbekend met leiderschapsposities. Binnen Amsterdam Roller Derby heeft ze meerdere Jaren in het bestuur gezeten als voorzitter en is ze coordinator geweest van verschillende committees.

Ze is lid van Amsterdam Roller Derby sinds Januari 2010 en skate momenteel nog steeds met het competitieve All Star team. Ook heeft ze vier jaar lang het b-team gecoached en ging ze naar de tweede Roller Derby World Cup in 2014 als co-captain voor team Nederland.

Furrrocious is het eerste bestuurslid van de WFTDA die niet uit Noord Amerika komt. En ze is momenteel ook het enige bestuurslid van een vereniging in divisie 3. Met deze achtergrond brengt Furrrocious een uniek perspectief naar het bestuur van WFTDA.

Buiten Roller Derby werkt Furrrocious in het welzijnswerk. Ze werkt momenteel als manager van het jongerenwerk en als kwartiermaker in het welzijnswerk.)

Teenie Meanie

Teenie Meanie (Sacred City Derby Girls)


Finance, Tech, Games, and Executive Director/Staff Oversight

Teenie Meanie joined the Sacred City Derby Girls in early 2007, right before their first season started. Sacred’s mission as an organization was to join the WFTDA and play WFTDA level roller derby. Sacred was accepted as a WFTDA member in early 2008 and Teenie became one of the league's first WFTDA reps, volunteering on the Rankings Committee and the Grievance Committee. Teenie became the Rankings Chair in 2009 and took over the Rankings Calculator project in 2012 and brought that project to completion and implementation in 2013. Teenie took on a role as Games Information Manager overseeing Rankings, Sanctioning, Stats and Rinxter in 2013 and then was Games Officer from late 2015 to early 2017.

Teenie has been a B-team and Charter team skater, a board member, a line-up coach and Designated Alternate, an occasional NSO and a Tournament host/ manager with Sacred. Teenie has also been a long time Games Tournament Oversight (GTO) and has been a GTO at at least one WFTDA Playoff Tournament from 2011 - 2015, and was GTO for WFTDA Champs in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Teenie likes a whole lot of different sports, but thinks that nothing compares to the excitement of watching competitive women’s roller derby.


Tacocat (Amsterdam Roller Derby)

General BOD Member

Marketing and Membership Oversight

Tacocat was drawn to roller derby in 2010 after years of playing team sports and discovering a love of roller skating. She began with the Garden State Rollergirls in Newark, New Jersey and has also skated with the Ithaca League of Women Rollers in Ithaca, NY. During this time she’s coached juniors and new skater sessions, held league leadership positions, and worked with WFTDA Broadcast and Sponsorship. She still works with and is also part of the Diversity and Inclusion committee.

Professionally, Tacocat has experience in broadcast and digital media, event production, and marketing. She’s a proud Latina and dedicated to boosting the visibility and voice of POC in various areas, and is currently pursuing a career in cultural heritage.

Tacocat loves the outdoors, dogs, and blogs about travel and museums. As for the name? It's a palindrome!

Dire Wolff

Dire Wolff (GO-GO Gent Roller Derby)

General BOD Member

- Regulatory, Games, and Tech Oversight

Dire Wolff's passion for Roller Derby started off in 2011 by being a fan of his partner playing for GO-GO Gent Roller Derby, Belgium's first Roller Derby league, occasionally helping them out as NSO. Pretty quickly he was pulled in the deep end through the joy of skating and started refereeing as well. To his partner's regret, his fan-boy days were over.

GO-GO Gent was a WFTDA Apprentice when Dire Wolff joined them as a member. As their WFTDA Officials Representative and later as Head Official/Board Member, he went through all the trials and tribulations of becoming a full member league with them. Together they organised the first European WFTDA Officiating Clinic in Gent and in 2013 he was the co-host of a Skate Odyssey, one of Europe's first big WFTDA tournaments.

Dire Wolff is not new to the inner workings of WFTDA. He started volunteering for the organisation in 2013 as a clerk for the Rules Committee, in 2016 he was elected for a position on the Officials Committee, and now to the WFTDA Board of Directors.

On the track, or rather inside or right outside of it, Dire Wolff is still a very dedicated Official. At all levels from rookie scrimmages to Playoffs, primarily officiating Women's games but including Junior and Men's games as well, mostly on skates but he dabbles in being an NSO (Non Skating Official) too.

Past Board Members

Ms. D'fiant

Ms. D'fiant (Angel City Derby Girls)

- Treasurer

Ms. D’fiant founded the Savannah Derby Devils in Savannah, GA in 2006. In a year, she transferred to Angel City Derby Girls and was their first WFTDA Representative upon acceptance to the organization in July 2007. Since joining the WFTDA, D’fiant has worked primarily in the Games pillar, first as Stats & Rankings Chair and then served as the WFTDA Games Officer from 2010 – 2013.

At Angel City, Ms. D’fiant serves as a member of league leadership on the Steering Committee. A staple of the “The Hollywood Scarlets” travel team since moving to LA, Ms. D’fiant retired from competitive play in 2012 before having her second child. She now runs the rec league and spends her scrimmage Sundays teaching her children how to skate in preparation for junior derby.

Amy Spears

Amy Spears (Ohio Roller Derby)

- Vice President

Amy Spears became a skater representative to WFTDA on behalf of Ohio Roller Derby in 2008. One of her first volunteer positions was helping design the original curriculum for the Apprentice Program. She later spent several years as the Membership Officer, prior to her election to the Board as Vice President in 2015.

Amy has been a member of Ohio Roller Derby since the league’s inaugural season, and skated for the All Star team for 10 years, prior to taking a break to coach for a year. She has since returned to the track as an active skater. With OHRD, she has served in a variety of leadership roles, including two years as league president.

In her professional life, she has held a variety of positions in communications, software development and digital media. She currently directs the Digital Media Project within the English Department at The Ohio State University.

When she gets rare free time away from derby, Amy enjoys knitting, cooking, biking and art.

Alassin Sane - WFTDA President 2012

Alassin Sane (Detroit Derby Girls)

- President

Alassin Sane joined the WFTDA Board of Directors as President in 2012 after serving on the Sanctioning Committee and as an Apprentice Program mentor, while heading Atlanta Rollergirls' WFTDA Committee. She now skates with Detroit Derby Girls.

Lass started her derby career in 2008, and has served as one of her league's WFTDA reps since 2008 as well. Coincidence? Nope. Lass was destined to do all things derby.

Eduskating Rita

Eduskating Rita (NEO Roller Derby)

- Secretary

Eduskating Rita joined the WFTDA Board of Directors as Secretary in May 2014 after being a WFTDA skater representative for seven years. Rita started skating with the Hammer City Roller Girls in 2007. After five seasons with HCRG, during which she served as one of the first WFTDA skater representatives for the league, she finally completed her PhD in Sociology (having written about roller derby, of course). A postdoctoral fellowship opportunity at the University of Southern California allowed Rita to spend two years living in Los Angeles and skating with the Angel City Derby Girls. Although sad to leave ACDG, Rita was excited to return to seasons and her first league, HCRG, in April 2014. Rita is consistently amazed and excited to be part of the Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary. organization that is the WFTDA.

Grace Killy

Grace Killy (Brewcity Bruisers)

- Ex Officio

Grace Killy stepped down from the Board in 2016 after six years. Killy was WFTDA President from 2010 to 2012, and then served as Ex Officio board member. She previously held several other leadership roles within the WFTDA, including a term as Games Officer.

Killy has been a member of the Brewcity Bruisers since 2006, and has held various leadership positions in that organization for almost the entire time. On the track, Killy has always been on the Bruisers' travel team, and she also skates for the Bruisers' home team, the Shevil Knevils.

In her non-derby life, Killy is a former member of the Air National Guard, and works in graphic design. Killy is married to John, she is a fan of Pegacorns, and wields a widely-feared super power: the Stink Eye.

Lorna Boom

Lorna Boom (Rat City Rollergirls)

- Vice President

Lorna came to WFTDA as a skater representative for Rat City Rollergirls in 2007, and served in the Human Resources committee for a short period of time until she found her niche as the Bylaws Committee Chair and the Grievance Committee’s resident bylaws, policy, and procedure expert. Prior to her Vice Presidential election in 2011, Lorna served as the WFTDA Regulatory Officer and brings a solid background in operational management to the Board.

Lorna is a founding member of the Rat City Rollergirls where she has been a skater, a team captain and coach, Business Manager, and a board member. Though retired from skating, Lorna is committed to roller derby and continues to work full-time for the league as their Chief Operations Officer.

Before derby consumed nearly every spare moment of her life, Lorna was a writer, an artist, and a snowboard instructor. She was, is, and will always be a revolutionary.

Siouxsicide Bomb

Siouxsicide Bomb (Rocky Mountain Rollergirls)

- Secretary

Siouxsicide Bomb has previously served as interim Vice President. Before taking on the BoD, Siouxsi was the WFTDA HR Manager and helped get the Apprentice Program off the ground. Siouxsi has been a skater/retired skater with a WFTDA league since 2007 and has had many different roles in the home league level, from Human Resources chair to Vice President. She feels that this organization is a huge force to be reckoned with and if every participant league feels empowered through a clear understanding of our mission and policies AND a voice of their own that can be heard, then there's no stopping the WFTDA.

Siouxsi likes black eyeliner, tasteless jokes and boys with ink.

Loco Chanel

Loco Chanel (Rat City Rollergirls)

- Treasurer

Loco Chanel is the Treasurer and Games Oversight of the WFTDA. As Treasurer, she creates and manages the budget of the association and gets to call herself by her third derby name, Ca$hBox. As Games Oversight, she works with fellow BoDmate Grace Killy to support projects that touch on the competitive development, and really, all on-the-track stuff and things related to the sport we love. Now in her fifth year involved with the WFTDA, Loco has worked on projects within the Membership, Tournaments, Marketing Committees and Insurance Committees, and is thrilled to get more involved in Games.

Loco skates with Seattle's Rat City Rollergirls after three years skating with the Windy City Rollers, Chicago's original women's flat track derby league. Loco skated with WCR's Hell's Belles and Second Wind, and is delighted to skate with the Pacific Northwest's red-and-black evil team, Grave Danger. Sometimes (ok daily), she can't get over how lucky she is to skate with such great leagues and wonderful people.

In her off-skates life, Loco earns her new-skates money as a workforce strategist. She has a BA in Economics and an MBA in Finance. She also enjoys photo booths, steak, coffee, and bacon, and swears that she will get handstand pushups some day.


Crackerjack (Texas Rollergirls)

- Past President, Retired May 2012

Crackerjack was an original member of the WFTDA Board of Directors, and served as President from 2007 to 2012. Crackerjack founded the Mad Rollin’ Dolls in Madison, Wisconsin in 2004, and was the league’s General Manager, coach, and the captain of the all-star travel team Dairyland Dolls until 2008. She now skates with the Texas Rollergirls as a Texecutioner and a Hotrod Honey and serves as the league’s Deputy of Fun.

Crackerjack likes pie, novelty porn, and solid hits.

Hydra Bio Photo

Hydra (Texas Rollergirls)

- Past President, Retired December 2009

Hydra is the Past President on the Board of Directors, having served as the first President of the WFTDA from 2006 to 2007. Hydra was an original contributor to the United Leagues Coalition (ULC)--the predecessor to the WFTDA--and has been involved with interleague relations since early 2004. Her responsibilities on the Board of Directors include providing historical knowledge, giving general feedback, and talking about the "good ol' days" when anyone will listen, and even when they won't.

Hydra is a member of the Austin Texas Rollergirls, Inc. She skated with the Hotrod Honeys from 2003 until her retirement in 2006. Hydra also held a role as the first team captain of the all-star Texecutioners, leading the team to victory at WFTDA's first national tournament, the 2006 Dust Devil in Tucson, AZ. She skated primarily as a pivot and retired because of a knee injury. Hydra returned to skating and roller derby in early 2009, joining the Texas Rollergirls Rec-n-Roller Derby. She enjoys the fun and fitness of the recreational league, which is at just the right pace for her old, beat-up body. Hydra was the Interleague Relations Committee chair for the Texas Rollergirls for several years, and remains a member of the committee to this day.

Hydra logo "Hail HYDRA! Immortal HYDRA! We shall never be destroyed! Cut off one limb and two more shall take its place! We serve the Supreme Hydra, as the world shall soon serve us!"
- 1965, Marvel Comics, Strange Tales, "Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Miss Jane Redrum

Miss Jane RedRum (Fort Wayne Derby Girls)

- Secretary, Retired May 2010

Miss Jane RedRum helped Fort Wayne Derby Girls (Fort Wayne, Ind.) get off the ground in October 2005 and has been an active member ever since. Now in its 4th season, the league has two traveling teams, the SWAT Team and the WFTDA Sanctioned Bomb Squad, and has successfully hosted two 16-team tournaments. Miss Jane wears many hats for her home league, including Director of Regulations, graphics chair, public relations chair, interleague coordinator, Bust A Move fundraising chair, website chair, and training committee member. She is also skater on its all-star team. Miss Jane serves as the secretary for the Board of Directors for WFTDA, and is a regular contributor to fiveonfive magazine, the official magazine of the WFTDA. In “real” life, she is the executive editor for a publishing company and a part-time English Professor.

The Ruffian

The Ruffian (Atlanta Rollergirls)

– Past Vice President

Since early 2008, The Ruffian has served as Vice President for the WFTDA. She has also served as Chair of the Records Committee, been a contributing member of the Bylaws Committee, and previously served as oversight to both the Games and Information and Technology areas. Her responsibilities include being the right-hand woman to the President, shaking sticks, answering emails, and putting out fires.

The Ruffian was a founding member of the Dominion Derby Girls, where she was involved in just about every facet of the league’s development and operations, including serving as a member of the Board of Directors and Chair of Interleague Relations since the league’s inception. She was also instrumental in the acceptance of the Dominion Derby Girls into the WFTDA.

The Ruffian transferred to the Atlanta Rollergirls in 2011, where she was drafted to the Apocalypstix and is the Captain of the Rumble Bs. She also serves as the Interleague Committee Assistant.

Mercy Less

Mercy Less

- Founding Member, Treasurer

One of the original 9 founders and owners of Baltimore’s Charm City Roller Girls in 2005, Mercy Less served on their Board of Directors, was the league’s original Chair of Insurance, Legal, Bout Production, Marketing/PR, and was the first representative of the league to the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. She played for Charm City’s home team the Mobtown Mods, as well as their first all-star team, the Mobtown Maulers. Mercy also skated for Duke City Derby of Albuquerque, New Mexico before retiring from skating in 2009 after multiple injuries to both knees.

As a WFTDA representative, Mercy served as WFTDA Chair of Marketing/PR for over 2 years, and was responsible for the historic return of roller derby bouts to television in 2007, the inking of a roller derby video game deal for the organization, and some high profile, global press coverage of roller derby at a time when the world at large was just beginning to notice the sport. Additionally, she had the honor of serving on the original WFTDA Board of Directors for 18 months, 1 year of which was as the organization’s Treasurer. She is especially proud of being part of conceiving a championship trophy, commissioning the actual Hydra, and developing the branding "Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary." during her WFTDA tenure.

Mercy went on to become one of the 4 partners in modern roller derby's seminal media operation, Derby News Network, and created its lifestyle and culture sister site, Derby Life. Under the alias Kristin Seale, she is a nonprofit manager in energy policy, proud mother to two daughters and the spouse of one Hurt Reynolds.

WFTDA Featured Skater: July 2013: Ivanna S. Pankin

Ivanna S. Pankin

- Founding Member

Ivanna S. Pankin started her roller derby career and her first league, Arizona Roller Derby, in 2003 and has been tirelessly contributing to the evolution of roller derby ever since! As the founder of RollerCon, Ivanna has established a roller derby following – and assisted the development of the community of roller derby – around the world, as skaters attend, socialize, learn to manage leagues, and hold their own on the track.

Ivanna served on the founding board of the WFTDA, the WFTDA Rules Committee Gang of Nine, developed the first iterations of the stats book and Officials Certification, and is our current Training Chair (as of 2017). She is the President and charter team co-captain for SoCal Derby Kraken, and plays banked track roller derby for San Diego Derby Doll's Wildfires.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.